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Matt & Heather

Matt started his career in law enforcement in 1999, becoming a K9 handler shortly thereafter, where he became partnered with his first dog, K9 Kopper. Sadly, several of the K9’s in the unit died within close proximity to one another and, to everyone’s surprise, the common denominator was the food that they were eating. This turmoil sparked a passion in Matt to seek resources and education materials to learn more about healthy, viable options to feed his partner, Kopper. Once Matt changed Kopper’s diet, Kopper’s coat, energy level, work ability, and overall disposition changed dramatically, and the two became the unit’s go-to for nutritional advice. In 2012, Matt met Heather, who shared his passion for pets. When Matt noticed one of Heather’s dogs had some allergy issues, he asked her what type of food she was feeding her dogs. Based off of her answer, he quickly realized that her food choice was the likely culprit of the allergy problem, and he directed her to other (better) food choices, which quickly resolved the issues (and Abby was very grateful). After seeing this, Heather also became a believer in the role that quality food can play in your pet’s life and his passion quickly became her passion. To this day, they work to provide their fur babies (Kopper, Frodo, Zena, Zack, Daisy, and Abby) with the best nutritional options available. Matt and Heather are beyond excited to share their passion with the community – nothing is better for them than seeing a healthier, happy pet.

K9 Kopper

K9 Kopper started his law enforcement career at two years old, in 2002. In 2006, Kopper was paired with Matt and after many strenuous hours of training, they became a certified K9 team. Together, Matt & Kopper traveled across the United States for specialized trainings, strengthening their bond with each trip.

Kopper’s official title was “Utility Dog,” meaning he worked in several disciplines including: narcotics detection, tracking, and handler protection. During Kopper’s career, he located hundreds of pounds of illegal narcotics and well over $100,000 in US currency. Working and traveling together 24/7 created an incredible bond that was proven on more than one occasion when Kopper saved Matt’s life.

Kopper officially retired from the Blount County Sheriff’s Office in 2012, after having some health complications common in aging dogs. He still attended training sessions with Matt, his favorite thing to do. At the ripe age of 16, Kopper still spent some of his time practicing narcotics detection and handler protection, but spent every day of his retirement with Matt and Heather as their baby at home.

K9 Frodo

K9 Frodo started his law enforcement training career at just six weeks old, in 2009. This training lasted for 2 years which were spent sharpening and honing his skills preparing him to certify as a KNPV titled dog – the highest achievement possible for a police canine. The standards required to earn this title are comparable to the standards required to be a professional athlete and very few dogs are able to succeed in acquiring this title.

After achieving his KNPV title, Frodo traveled to the United States, and he was paired with Matt – starting his official career in law enforcement in 2012. Frodo’s first week on the job, he located $60,000 in a suitcase at an airport while assisting the DEA.

Frodo is currently in service working at a local police department.  Every year, Frodo travels to various locations across the country with Matt to nationally certify as a patrol dog team. He spends his off time at home with Matt, Heather, and his 4 fur siblings. He loves to lie in his favorite dog bed surrounded by all of his toys.